1 - Do you ship internationally?

We currently only ship within the United States.

2 - How long will it take to get my order?

Orders are processed and shipped in the order they are received and based on the availability of grips requested.  you will receive an email notice giving you an updated shipping time-frame. You will also receive an email update when the grip(s) you ordered are shipped along with tracking information.

3 - How do I fit my new grip to my gun?

  1. Make sure the handgun is unloaded! Check any action, barrel, chamber, or cylinders to be certain they are empty and the gun is safe to work on.
  2. Prepare the frame. Remove existing grips and clean the frame.
  3. Check the hardware. Gently, pull apart any grips that are two panels pinned together. If new screws were sent with the grip, use them. Otherwise, use the original screws.
  4. Install the grips. Use your hands to slowly press the new grips straight onto the frame. The grips should lay flush with the frame and the locator pins should slide easily over the pinhole. Do not use the grip screw to force the grips onto the grip frame pin. If the grips do not easily go over the grip frame pin, open up the edge of the pinhole with a knife and try again. Once the grip sits flush with the frame, tighten the grip screw until snug. It is important not to overtighten the grips! Now make sure there is no interference with the operation of the handgun. Do not load or fire the weapon until the new grips are snugly screwed into place and gun operation remains uninhibited.

4 - What materials do you offer?

Most will be available in our super woods - Rosewood, Walnut, or Silverblack also we offer Zinc with gold plated, silver plated and nickel . 

5 - How should I clean & maintain my grips?

For most grips, buffing them lightly with a dry towel will do the trick. You can also use a light oil on the super woods and premium wood grips .Be especially careful on scrimshaw. Never use harsh chemicals on any Big Cat grips .

6 - Payment Methods

We accept all major credit cards .

7 - Shipping

All orders ship Monday through Friday via USPS First Class or UPS Ground so that orders can be tracked and delivery confirmed. US Postal First Class Mail normally takes 1-4 business days while UPS Ground can take anywhere from 1 to 5 days. Both come with tracking information that you will receive once we have your order prepared to ship.

8 - Privacy Policy

BIG CAT GEAR LLC handles the entire creation and distribution of our products (our grips are made and shipped from our warehouse here in Tampa). Your payment information is used for the online transaction and then discarded.

9 - Returns & Exchanges

It has always been important to Big Cat Gear LLC that you are satisfied with your pistol grips, rifle stocks, and accessories. For this reason, we provide a generous return and exchange policy.

  • Product broke during shipment or arrived with manufacturer defects? Contact us and we will send you a return shipping label and replace it for you.
  • Product was ordered incorrectly, breaks shortly after arrival, or just simply is not what you are looking for? Mail it back to us within 90 days for exchange or refund.

We are confident in our product and want our customers to be happy!